What Is A Dhurrie Rug? | 2022 Facts & Figures To Know

What Is A Dhurrie Rug

While looking for a rug that is unique and different in shape and style from others, that has an appealing appearance and is a perfect match with the interior of your room, you want something different from which outsiders must inquire, or you need something with an interesting history. Is there such a thing as a rug?

In this article, we will discuss a rug that has all the above features. The rug with the required features is known as the “Dhurrie Rug,” and it is the perfect match for those who need some uniqueness in their room. We will discuss all the aspects of that rug; let’s begin.

Specifications of Dhurrie Rug

Specifications of Dhurrie Rug

Simply, the Dhurrie floor rugs are flat, thick, and have heavy floor coverings. Traditionally, these floor coverings were used mainly in India, but now they are available worldwide with multiple designs and in different sizes.

Dhurrie rugs cheap are ancient floor coverings that have been used for decades. Some of the fabulous features that make it different from others are listed below.

Features of Dhurrie Rug

Features of Dhurrie Rug

Some of the attractive/pleasing things about modern dhurrie rugs are:

  • Traditionally, these rugs are made of silk, cotton, and jute.
  • These rugs are created without using warps.
  • Therefore, it is easy to bend and highly portable.
  • Its tight plait makes it more durable and fast to clean.
  • Extremely soft/comfortable
  • Thermal insulation allows you to feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which is highly appreciated.
  • There is not a big difference in pattern between both sides. That’s why you can use it from both sides easily.
  • Available in all sizes, shapes, and styles.
  • High resistance is offered by the thickness of the fabric used for creating it. Its thickness prevents germs and parasites from relying on it.
  • Its replacement and maintenance are much easier than other floor coverings.
  • It is simple to clean with a hoover, but if the material is highly permitted, machines are required to clean it.
  • Various designs are available in different color combinations that make them appealing and charming.

Some Fabulous Types Of Dhurrie Rugs

To distinguish dhurrie in terms of design, material, size, and area, there are also common types of this rug. Let’s discuss its four main types:

The Panja

Panja Dhurrie Rugs

This type of dhurrie area rug is handcrafted by women in and around the Panipat suburb. Traditionally, this is made to be included in the dowry of daughters. It is created using Panja, therefore, it is called “Panga Dhurrie.”

To make it, a specific number of threads of the color are chosen and over-laced. Panja dhurrie is mainly constructed with wool or cotton, or a combination of both.

The Handloom

Handloom Dhurrie Rugs

Primarily, the handloom dhurrie is found in boulder or bulky designs. The artist creates it by lacing the threads onto a shuttle. Typically, this type of durrie is also made with silk and wool material.

The Chindi

Chindi Dhurrie Rugs

This is the latest kind of dhurrie. Although we are unsure about its originality, many people think it creates a very resourceful home instrument.

The Chindi rugs are created by recycling the fabric into cotton thread. This rug is available in the latest designs and various color combinations.

Designer Dhurries

Designer Dhurries

Typically, these dhurries are used for floor coverings. They are available in multiple fabrics, such as silk, cotton, and wool. Designer dhurries are immensely affordable, light-weight, and portable. These are reversible, which means you get two dhurries for the price.

Benefits For Choosing Dhurrie Rugs


They are less expensive and highly affordable compared to the other types of area rugs. These are available in good quality with a low pricing scheme; therefore, they are preferred, as hand-made durries are mostly available at reasonable prices. The higher the rate, the greater the cost, but you can purchase it according to your budget.

Affordable And Portable Dhurrie Rugs


Portability benefits refer to those things that can easily be transferred from one place to another. Because of the dhurrie’s manageable weight and ease of wrapping, one person can easily carry it from one place to another. For that reason, most users are attracted to it and prefer it.


There are no hard and fast rules about where it can go. You can put it anywhere outdoors and indoors. It enhances the beauty and makes the room charming. The best surfaces to place dhurries are hallways, entryways, and kitchens.

Placement And Reversible Dhurrie Rugs


One of the most attractive benefits is that it can be used on both sides. If one side gets dusty, simply turn it over and use its second side. It is necessary to wash it after using both sides. This activity increases the lifespan of the cotton dhurrie rug.


The reversibility of the dhurrie exponents its lifespan. That is the best benefit that every person wants. It is possible to clean it at home rather than having it professionally cleaned. You can just use a simple washing machine to wash it.

Durability And Easy to Clean

Easy to clean

Daily, you can clean it by using a brush. After some time, wash it using a washing machine.

Get Creative

Because of its softness and pleasing surface, many people use it as a mattress cover. You can place it where it suits and intensify the vision in your room.


The article describes Dhurrie Rugs, their types, features, and the highlighted benefits of using them. First, it was just created and used in India, but now a variety of designs in different sizes are available all around the world.

I hope this discussion helps you understand and enhance your knowledge of dhurrie rugs 8*10 and makes you choose the right option for your home. For any query, post a comment without hesitation. Our experts will respond to you and give an excellent solution to your query.

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