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Top-Quality Traditional Iranian Carpets in Dubai

We Manufacture Innovative Iranian Carpets in Dubai

Get the best Iranian carpets Dubai from our online shop. We use pure materials while manufacturing these floor coverings for our valued customers.

Because of our top-rated carpet quality checks, you can rely on us. We always believe in manufacturing top-rated, and finest traditional weaves in the Al Quoz market.

Our store is the first choice if you are looking for innovative Iranian carpet in Dubai. Come to us and choose the most attractive carpets with unique patterns.

We Manufacture Innovative Iranian Carpets in UAE
Get High-Quality Iranian Silk Carpets in Dubai at Affordable Prices

Get High-Quality Iranian Silk Carpets in Dubai at Affordable Prices

We offer the top-quality Iranian silk carpet in Dubai at affordable prices so that you can give your space a touch of elegance.

You can get the best-woven masterpieces from our Rugs and Carpets shop. You can get contemporary Iranian textile creations at the most reasonable prices from our trusted carpet shop in Al Quoz.

We also offer exclusive discounts at our Iranian Carpets Dubai to give you the luxury of well-crafted carpets.

Original Iranian Artistry            

Exquisite Tapestry

Modern Design                         

Traditional Weaving

Look at Our Featured Iranian Carpet Collection

You can get any Iranian carpet Dubai from our featured carpet collection that perfectly suits your space.

Iranian Carpet Collection
Iranian Carpet Collection 2
Iranian Rugs Collection 3

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We Offer Customization of Iranian Carpets Dubai

If you are looking for handmade iranian carpets Dubai for luxury and comfort of your home, we offer customization of carpets for you.

We use exquisite patterns and opulent color palette options to prepare your desired carpet. We use premium wool and silk materials to prepare your Iranian handmade carpet.

Our expert craftsmanship makes tailored-sized persian carpets Dubai to suit your space. We offer handcrafted masterpieces to let you give your home a beautiful and luxurious look.

At our shop, we have personalized fringe and edge details if you want traditional and contemporary designs.

We Offer Customization of iranian carpets in Dubai

Features of Our Iranian Carpets Dubai

There are so many unique features that make our Iranian carpet superior to all other floor coverings.

  • Authentic Designs: Our Iranian carpet collection is exclusively designed by expert craftsmen with unique textures and patterns.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Each piece is crafted with traditional Iranian weaving techniques for maximum durability and comfort.
  • Luxurious Materials: We make our Iranian luxury carpets using the finest quality wool, cotton, and other eco-friendly materials.
  • Rich Colors: Our Iranian carpet company only uses natural dyes to add everlasting beauty to these carpets.
  • Unique Artistry: Our artists know what Dubai likes in vintage-style carpets. We do the perfect craftmanship in our Persian carpets.
  • Affordable: Our premium Iranian carpets are available in Dubai at very reasonable prices. Their placement brings charm to any place.
Iranian Carpet Installation in Dubai

Hire Us for Iranian Carpet Installation in Dubai

We have the most professional team for installing your luxury Iranian carpets in Dubai. With precision in every step, we keep your investment safe by extending your carpet life.

We use high-quality adhesives that do not damage the Iranian carpet backing. After a site assessment and accurate measurements, we will start installing Iranian floor coverings in your place.

Our team will not leave the place without a quality inspection. This way, we assure you of 100% quality Iranian carpet installation in Dubai with a 5-star rating.

What Makes Us Unique for Iranian Carpets in Dubai?

Skilled Professionals

We have a team of skilled professionals with years of relevant experience and weaving techniques. You can trust our skilled team for hand-knotted rugs.

Unique Color Combinations

While manufacturing carpets, we use unique designs and color patterns to make our Iranian carpets in Dubai impressive. You can count on us for great work.

Exclusive Limited Editions

Our limited-edition hand-knotted rugs and luxury carpets are unique due to their design, style, and composition. They add great value to your place.

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We offer free home visits for taking measurements to manufacture the best Iranian floor decor for your space.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

We have a variety of Iranian floor coverings. From Shiraz carpets and Kashan carpets to Kerman carpets and Qom carpets, we have it all. You can get any sort of carpet you want.

Many factors contribute to the pricing of Iranian floor decor, including the type of carpet, design, color pattern, style, and many others. Every carpet has its price according to its composition.

Due to their durability and reliability, Iranian floor decor lasts for a long time. If you take deep care of the carpet and maintain it daily, it’ll last much longer than the actual life span.

Yes, we have a variety of Iranian floor decor, including antique Iranian floor decor. You can find any type or design of antique Iranian floor decor from our shop at affordable prices according to your budget.