Handmade Rugs in Dubai

Durable Handmade Rugs Dubai For Maximum Comfort

Improve Home Decor with our Custom Handmade Rugs Dubai

Are you searching for the most trendy and suitable way to improve your home decor? Then, you must try our custom handmade rugs in Dubai.

We will help you customize floor rugs that will perfectly contrast with your place and improve its beauty.

First, you have to call us to book our free home visit, where we will take measurements and analyze the place’s ambiance.

Our team will understand your requirements and ensure that hand crafted rugs will be designed in a way that will beautify the space.

Custom Handmade Rugs Dubai
Handmade Floor Rugs

We Have a Vast Collection of Handmade Rugs in Dubai At Our Store

At our Rugs and Carpets store at Al Quoz, we have a comprehensive collection of pre-made and handmade rugs Dubai. We deal with different materials, colors, thicknesses, styles, patterns, designs, and sizes of rugs.

Moreover, we use different types of fibers for the manufacturing of modern and compelling rugs. Our creative craftsman will ensure that each rug in our collection is designed using premium-quality materials.

Trendy Designs                        

Appealing Pattern

Compelling Color Scheme      

Durable Fibers

Collection of our Handmade Rugs

You can check our collection of Quality Handmade Rugs in Dubai. For quality assurance and customer satisfaction, our representatives will provide free samples at your doorsteps.

Handmade Rugs Collection
Handmade Rugs Collection 2
Handmade Rugs Collection 3

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We Create Unique Handmade Rugs Dubai At Low Price

It is not wrong to say that our modern and durable handmade rugs in Dubai shows our experienced craftsmanship and creativity.

Additionally, each handmade floor covering portrays a unique design, style, and pattern.

Each work of our rugs is done precisely by expert artisans, so there are very minimal flaws present in them.

Besides all that, the uniqueness of our custom rugs will make them suitable for every type of interior, whether modern or ancient.

handmade Rugs at low price

Why Choose us for Rugs and Carpets

Free Visit

We offer free measurements to utilize all the available space. Our member will be at your place within one day to take measurements of the space.

Fastest Delivery

We offer the fastest delivery of our unique handmade rugs in Dubai and all over the UAE. Our team deliver the parcel within three working days.

Customer Care

For the assistance of our customers, our team will stay active 24/7 and answer all their queries with satisfactory answers.

Client’s Review

Check out our reviews section for honest and satisfied feedback from our customers.

Book A Free Consultation With Our Expert Now

If you are confused about the selection and customization of handmade floor rugs in Dubai, You can get our free consultation session.

Custom Handmade Rugs Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

We use premium quality materials and craftsmanship to design our durable handmade rugs. Ultimately, they can easily last for over forty to fifty years. It will only happen if you use our handmade floor rugs according to our guidelines. Otherwise, its durability will decrease.

No, our refined quality handmade rugs will not fade. The reason is the skill of our craftsmen and the quality of our materials. The main reason behind the shedding of these rugs is very harsh brooming or vacuuming in the opposite direction of their fibers.

The cleaning of our handmade floor rugs is so quick and effortless. For daily cleaning, vacuuming is the best option. For thorough cleaning, after every two weeks, mix a small amount of mild detergent and make a dilute solution with water. Use a soft sponge for cleaning.

We don’t take any additional time to customize our rugs. Generally, we will take no more than three to two to four days for the customization. Furthermore, you can also take free consultation sessions while finalizing the requirements for customization.