About Us

UAE’s Largest Carpets & Rugs Store

RugsAndCarpets.ae is the only place you need to buy rugs and other things for your home.

The beautiful collection of traditional and modern rugs and carpets that our team works so hard to make homes feel warm and welcome is what drives us.

We think that every home should show off the unique style and attitude of its owner. Well, that’s why we have a huge selection of carefully made carpets and rugs to suit all possible tastes.

Our collection has something for everyone, from rich, intricate patterns that are based on old cultures to sleek, modern designs that love simplicity.

Our Story

Its leaders made RugsAndCarpets.ae because they love textiles and want every room to be warm and cozy. We have been collecting and making unique rugs for over 10 years.

We started with a small store where we showed how much we loved quality and being creative.

We’ve become a well-known name in rugs and home decor now, and we serve people all over the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Quality is Very Important to Us

Our business is based on a strong commitment to quality. We are proud to say that we only use the best materials and that each carpet is made by hand with great care by skilled men.

We take great care in every step of the process to make sure that our rugs are not only nice to look at but also strong and durable.

Picking the best wool and silk and using complicated knotting techniques are part of it.

What We Have to Offer

At RugsAndCarpets.ae, we’re proud to have a wide selection of matting options to fit any room and style. In our large collection, we have:

Hand-knotted carpets

These intricate works of art were painstakingly made by skilled artisans. They show the highest level of carpet-making tradition by combining complex patterns.

Machine-made rugs

Our machine-made rugs are great for people who want quality without breaking the bank because they are both affordable and long-lasting.

Plush Shag Carpets

Our velvety, fluffy shag carpets are the epitome of relaxation and elegance. They’re ideal for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in spaces.

Traditional Persian Rugs

The stories and symbols on our Persian rugs are very important to us. They make any room look nice and classy.

Contemporary Designs

For people with more modern tastes, we have a wide range of contemporary rugs with clean lines, geometric shapes, and simple designs.

For those who love comfort and style, our soft and plush shag rugs are the best. They are great for making a room feel cozy and warm.

We can also make furniture just for you that will match the rugs you pick out, so your whole living space will look great. Our skilled artists and designers work together with you to bring your ideas to life. They make one-of-a-kind items that match your style and your home’s style.

Our Promise to Make Customers Happy

We think that good customer service is what makes our business work. The staff at our store is always ready to help you choose the best carpet or rug for your space. So we take the time to listen to what you want, give you expert help, and make suggestions that are made to fit your needs. We know how hard it can be to choose the right carpet.

At our store, we promise that you will enjoy shopping with us. From the moment you walk into our showroom until your new carpet is put down, we do everything we can to make sure it goes smoothly, properly, and even better than you expected.

Improve Your Rooms With Our Rugs And Carpets!

This is more than just a carpet shop; we help people make their homes look nice and feel warm. We know a lot about rugs and home decor and focus on quality to make sure customers are happy. We want every house to feel like a warm and friendly home. The first thing you can do to make your living areas more comfortable, stylish, and classic is to come see us in Al Quoz today.