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How to Pick the Right Rug for Living Room

How to Pick the Right Rug for Living Room

Whenever you are doing a home renovation or adding some element to your home decor, rugs are often overlooked. However, it can be one of the best home decor items. If you choose the right rug for living room, it can transform a mundane look into a magnificent one. 

To add a bit of depth to your living spaces, interior designers suggest experimenting with different designs and fabric choices. The question remains: How do you pick the right rug?

Well, today, we are going to answer this very question in this helpful blog post. So, stay with us; you might get inspiration for your home decor, too.

Rug Size Matters: The Bug Why?

The size of a rug in your living space matters a lot. The reason is that it will create a defining look to keep your space anchored. With the right size living room carpet, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • The right rug size can be cohesive with your overall layout plan and blends well with the furnishings.
  • For the open plan layouts, placing a rug creates a specific zone like a seating or dining area.
  • The right rug size is not only aesthetic but it provides walking comfort with its plush fibers.

Right Rug for Living Room

How to Pick The Right Rug For Living Room: Step By Step Guide

Without any further premise or context, let’s start the process of choosing the right rug for living room.

Step 1. Measure Your Living Room

The first step is measuring and we mean measuring the entire room’s dimensions along with the area where you want to place your carpet. Before measurement, decide which type of carpet you want in your living room like wall to wall carpet or simple rug in centre of the room.

A precise measurement will help you narrow down on which rug size is the best for your living room and will offer a tight fit within the room.

Step 2. Your Rug’s Purpose In The Living Room

You need to consider the purpose of placing a rug even before you do so. Is the rug going to offer a dedicated seating space, define a walking pathway, or be a focal point?

When you have narrowed down the rug’s role in the room, you will make the right decision in choosing the ideal rug size.

Step 3. You Can Always Choose Standard Rug Sizes

There are lots of standard sizing available for rugs. It won’t hurt to familiarize yourself with them.

  • 5’ * 8’: this size is suitable for most small areas or an ideal one for under your coffee table.
  • 8’ * 10’: the standard choice for most living rooms featuring ample coverage for the furniture.
  • 9’ * 12’: a size widely used for large living room spaces with expansive coverage for the furnishings.
  • 10’ * 14’: another size for grand & luxurious rug for living room on which all the furniture can rest beautifully.

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Step 4. Placing The Rug Just Right

Placement of your ideal rug size is also crucial and some tips for it are as follows.

  • Place all the legs of furniture in living room like sofa, chairs and tables on the rug for a cohesive look.
  • Try placing only the front leg of the furniture in case of a medium-sized living room space for a well-balanced decor.
  • No legs on the rug means placing your rug in the middle of all the arranged furniture – suited for small living rooms.

Mistakes People Make When Choosing The Right Rug Size

While we have covered the method of choosing the right rug size, there are still some mistakes that people make. We have highlighted some of the common ones below.

  1. Do not choose a rug for living room that is too small for your space. Such rugs make the room appear delineated and make the furniture as if floating.
  2. Do not forget to take the layout of furniture into consideration. Any rug you lay in your living space should add to your existing furniture arrangement.

iii. Keep the size of the room in mind because if your room is large and the rug is small, the entire interior will look off-balance & vice versa.

Right Rug Size for Living Room

Some Helpful Tips On Choosing The Right Rug Size

Other than the above-proven method, there are some more helpful tips and tricks for choosing the right rug size.

Visualize the Space

 Try picturing how different rugs would appear in your living room. For better visualization techniques, use painter’s tape to outline the floor dimensions. Do this before you make the purchase to see the impact of your choice.

Layer Different Rugs

To create an electric and contemporary look, you can try layering different rugs. For example, place a neutral rug for the base and a patterned rug on top of it. Layering creates depth & visual appeal to your living room decor.

Color & Pattern

Sizing must be your main concern but color & patterns do have an impact. Your rug should fit well with the existing color theme and interior decor of your living room.

For example, if the living room features a lot of patterns, a solid hue and color carpet is the best choice. Likewise, if the decor is of solid colors, opt for lighter-tone patterned rugs.


Picking the right rug for living room is like an art. This art requires the right mix of aesthetics and practicality while understanding your living room area and the role the rug will play in it.

Get Benefit from helpful guide to choosing a rug size that enhances your living room’s interior aesthetics. Be sure to take your time and measure carefully before making the purchase.

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