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Our Top Design Tips for Styling Rugs on Top of Carpets

Our Top Design Tips for Styling Rugs on Top of Carpets

The carpeted floors are sometimes costly and their maintenance is also expensive. The best approach is to use contemporary styling rugs on top of carpets to protect them.

Such styling rugs have intense benefits for your carpet’s protection and the appeal of the rooms where they are placed.

The designs of the styling rugs play an important role in providing the aesthetic appearance to your place while keeping your carpet safe from damage.

Here are some important tips for utilizing styling rugs over carpets that will give you the proper functionality along with great looks.

Styling Tips for Placing Rugs on Top of Carpets

Texture Variations

To use the rug over the carpet the best consideration for rug selection is that the texture of the styling rug differs from the texture of the carpet used.

This is the best way to create a perfect contrast. For example, if the low pile carpet is placed in your room then you can place a shaggy rug on your carpet, as it makes an additional layer of texture over your carpet.

Patterns and Styles

If you have a plain and single colored carpet in your room then it is the best choice to introduce an area rug over the carpet that introduces new patterns and charms to your place, if the carpet in your space is neutral-toned.

In the modern era, geometric patterns are going to be trendy and introduce styles and interests at your place.

Distressed Persian rugs also gained substantial popularity and they can work well with either modern or traditional spaces.

One of the most important benefits of using the rugs over the carpet is that by placing them you can go through the modern trends and either to change the carpet completely you can place these low-priced rugs.

Strong Contrasts

The color of the carpets should also be taken into account before placing rugs over them. The carpets that are dark in color are mostly used nowadays.

To make the perfect color contrast in your space the strong and bold color rugs have different patterns. For the best finishing of your floors.

The most important benefit of your neutral-colored carpet is that using a bold-colored modern rug gives an outstanding color scheme.

Traditional rugs often contain bold colors in them which can work well over a plain carpet. To combine the old and new the best option is to use the bold contrasts over the floor carpeting.

Perfect Sizing

The most important point before choosing the rug is to determine whether you are choosing the carpet to install patterns, break up the spaces in your room, or want to cover the carpet as much as possible.

After identifying the need for carpet, if it is to cover the carpet the big-sized and Animal skin rug is beneficial, if you break the space into segments you can place different-sized rugs at different places. The size also plays an important role in styling rugs on the top of carpets.

Additional Tips To Place Rugs on Top of Carpets

1. Anchor With Furniture:

The rug on the carpets needs to be anchored by the furniture to ensure that the rug doesn’t move when little changes are carried out in the room.

To anchor your rug with furniture this could be your armchair or could be your coffee table. The best approach to determine this is to simply have a play-around in your furniture layout room.

2. Non-Slip Mats:

In addition to anchoring the rug with your home furniture the other best option is, the utilization of non-slip mats between the layer of carpets and your styling rug.

This non-slip mat provides you with an extra layer of protection and allows your rug to be secured and prevents ripples.

3. Use Thick Rugs:

The utilization of styling rugs on the top of carpets also adds some extra comfort. The thick layer of the rug gives a soft and pleasing effect to your feet when you walk along the rug.

For extra comfort sisal and cowhide rugs are the best choices that homeowners prefer due to their pleasing texture and aesthetic appeal along with durability.


These tips give your space a modern and comfortable look. In summary, following these crucial tips, you can have modern and stylish rugs on the top of carpets.

These modern and trendy rugs can significantly elevate your interior and let you enjoy a luxury lifestyle. The use of a styling rug on the top of the carpet is not a bad choice rather it gives functionality to your space.

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