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Types of Area Rugs

Whenever we are concerned about designing the interior of our place, rugs are one of the most preferable options to make your place look more beautiful. Many people ask, what are area rugs? The answer is that these are the rugs used to cover large spaces on your floor that give your interior a stylish and modern look.

In today’s article, we will tell you about the top 8 different types of area rugs that can help to take the decor of your home’s interior to the next level of modernity.

You can place them in your living room because they will help you place the furniture on them and give an elegant look to your room. There are different rug types available on the market. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, styles, and textures to blend them with your interior decor.

Top 8 Remarkable Types Of Area Rugs

Remarkable Types Of Area Rugs

You can furnish your room so perfectly by placing the furniture on these trendy rugs. We will help you select the perfect rug to make your interior more modern. Let’s look at the top 8 types of area rugs:

1. Shag Rugs

Shag Rugs

These rugs are specially made for low-traffic areas because they are very sensitive and can be damaged easily. These are the traditional wool rugs that are made with three-strand wool materials. These strands are knotted together.

You can get these rugs in unique designs and styles as per your choice to give a traditional look at the interior of your home.

2. Needlepoint Rugs

Needlepoint Rugs

Needlepoint is a texture type of rug that is handmade, allowing for an entangled design. These handmade rugs are not suitable for high-traffic areas such as the living room, as they are very elegant and quickly damaged. This type of area rug is mostly used as a decorative piece. That is the oldest type and is mostly used.

3. Cut Pile Rugs

Cut Pile Rugs

These rugs are counted among the most popular and frequently used area rug styles. These are made with wool, olefin, and nylon. Its materials are the most expensive, but its use time is also the longest. Cut pile-designed area rugs are very soft, pleasing, and unique on their own.

It is based on natural materials to provide a pleasing vibe to rooms. They are mostly preferred because of their great price scheme. If you are looking for a cheap rug with the best quality, then cut-pile rugs are the best choice for you. Place these rugs in low-traffic places to make them safe from getting damaged.

4. Orient Rugs

Orient Rugs

Orient rugs are also one of the best types of area rugs because you can clean, replace, and maintain them easily. They are made using pure polyester, viscose, and nylon. They are very soft and more affordable than others. Most people prefer them because of their amazing benefits. You can also place them in high-traffic places like outdoor areas, bedrooms, drawing rooms, dining rooms, and entryways.

5. Loop pile Rugs

Loop pile Rugs

Cut and loop piles offer significant benefits. Most people prefer loop pile rugs because of their softness and durability. You can place them in slippery areas to prevent them from slipping, as well as give an amazing texture to your interior.

We recommend placing these area rugs on low-traffic sites. These rugs are not cleaned as easily as compared to other rugs. It is a more effective option for placing in different rooms of your home where the traffic is low and there are slippery areas.

6. Cut & loop Rugs

Cut & loop Rugs

This style is composed of both the low-loop pile and the high-cut pile design. They come in two colors to hide the soil or dirty footprints. If you are searching for a low-cost, easy-to-maintain, and easy-to-clean area covering, then these area rugs are the best choice for you.

Persian Rugs are durable and don’t get damaged easily. They give a fresh look after washing or dry cleaning and maintain their shape and color for a long time. If you want to change the rugs every few weeks as per your interior design, then this type of rug would be a superb choice for you.

7. Kilim Rugs

Kilim Rugs

The Balkans of Pakistan produce kilims that are flat and smooth by nature. In western houses, traditional kilim rugs are very popular for surface covering.

Kilim area rugs are a synthetic variety of rugs. They are made of pure polyester or other artificial types of fabric like cowhide rugs. They use tinny thread that is tightly bound to make it flat and pleasing and to make them look amazing. Its pleasing surface makes it unique from other rugs.

The price of the rugs is the main selling point. These rugs are inexpensive but provide outstanding quality. If babies are crawling on the surface or you want a friendly environment, then these rugs are not a good choice for you.

8. Flatweave Rugs

Flatweave Rugs

Flatweave area rugs are mostly available in a very simple and attractive design that is used to magnify your room. They are very thin and made with a tiny pile. These area floor coverings are useful from both sides because there is no greater difference between them.

For that reason, they are used in high-traffic rooms or sites such as entryways, living rooms, offices, and hallways. Flatweave rugs are easy to clean and maintain. You can place them just in front of the bed, so you have something soft and pleasing to walk on. They can absorb dust and make rooms cleaner. To keep them effective and clean, just shake them regularly and wash them frequently.


So these are the top 8 types of area rugs that you can get to enhance the beauty of your interior decor. We have discussed almost all the perspectives of each type of rug to help you make the right decision while choosing.

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