Sisal vs Jute Carpets | Which One Is The Best For You?

Sisal vs Jute Carpets

Jute and sisal are natural fibers, but a never-ending Sisal vs Jute Carpets battle is always present in the buyer’s mind so that they can choose the best for their interiors. These fabrics look very similar and can easily confuse anyone during a purchase. But keep in mind that each of these flooring materials has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

So if you are in a fuss about selecting one between sisal carpet and jute carpet flooring, then worry not. We are here to bring you out of this tricky problem. In our blog, we have mentioned all the major details of both these fibers, and a one-on-one difference is also present that will create a sense of understanding in the readers as well.

Let The Ultimate Battle Between Sisal vs Jute Carpets Begin

The Ultimate Battle Between Sisal vs Jute Carpets

You must be perplexed about choosing between Sisal vs Jute Carpets but this is a natural confusion because of the similar appearance of these carpet tiles flooring. It is a fact that both sisal and jute fabric are eco-friendly and biodegradable, but they also have many differences.

So here in our article, we are going to unveil these basic things about sisal and jute carpets. Let us have a quick look at these similarities and differences in both these flooring solutions without any delay.


Origin Sisal vs Jute carpets

Sisal fibers are directly derived from a plant named Agave Sisalana, which is a succulent plant. It is believed that the agave plant is very sturdy and can withstand the hardships of weather very easily. For the preparation of sisal fabric, the leaves of this plant are harvested and then beaten and crushed to attain a stiff and tough fiber. Then these fibers are spun and woven into the form of sisal carpets and rugs.

In the battle of Sisal vs Jute Carpets, jute has a completely different origin and is also native to tropical regions. Chorus is the plant that is grown to obtain jute fibers. This plant is spindly, tall, and flowering. After the complete growth, once the plant becomes ready for harvesting, it is cut down, bundled, and then soaked completely in water for a few weeks. Soaking makes it possible to derive perfectly fine fibers, which are then used to manufacture carpets and sisal rugs.


Durability sisal vs jute carpets

As compared to the jute carpets, the sisal carpets have more durability and are much harder wearing too. If you intend to install carpets in high-traffic areas such as hallways or stairs, sisal carpets are the best option.

In Sisal vs Jute Carpets, the latter ones are more susceptible to fiber loss, which also affects their durability adversely. So placing home carpets in a high-foot traffic area is not a good choice. If you are living in a place that has more usage of light or an influx of more sunlight, then do not prefer using a jute carpet.

Underfoot Feel

Underfoot Feel sisal vs jute carpet

When it comes to the underfoot feel, then it is necessary to mention jute carpets under the category of plush carpets. Because of their soft texture and approach, these carpets are recommended for use in snug areas and bedrooms. While, if we talk about the sisal carpet, then you will come to know that it is a bit rough underfoot, but with the passing of time, proper maintenance, and footfall, it becomes soft.

If you see the bulkier weaves of sisal carpet, then you will notice that they are more forgiving under your feet, and for this effect, the Malay weave of sisal Persian carpet is worth mentioning. Plush sisal weave is a clear winner in the never-ending battle of Sisal vs. Jute Carpets.


Affordability sisal vs jute carpets

When it comes to the pricing of these carpets, it is clear that jute carpets are more affordable than sisal carpets. The major reason for this cheap price is the low cost of producing jute fibers. Sisal floor carpeting, like other natural fibers such as wool, is not cheap.

The main reason why sisal carpets have a higher price range is the long-term hard work done for the production of the agave plant and then the extraction of these tough fibers by opting for hectic techniques.

Aesthetic Looks

Aesthetic Looks sisal vs jute carpet

If you are searching for a specific color or a bold hue, then the sisal carpets will definitely excel in this regard. Sisal carpets have exceptional looks because they can be dyed perfectly and do not fade as quickly as jute fibers, according to our one-on-one comparison of Sisal vs Jute Carpets. This means that sisal carpets come in a wide range of color selections to offer an appealing beauty approach.

But when it is about the jute carpets, then you must know that raw jute does not get dyed well, which indicates that the color selection in the jute wool rugs and carpets is limited as compared to the sisal floor coverings. Because of the limited variety, if you choose a jute carpet, you will have to compromise on the aesthetics of your space.


Installation sisal vs jute carpet

While comparing Sisal and Jute Carpets, you will come to know that they have got a hygroscopic nature, which indicates that both of them can absorb moisture from the air. Due to drawing moisture, they can expand and contract as well. So we always recommend you install these carpets by opting for the double stick method.

In this method, you have to glue down an underlay on your floor and then place the carpet on that underlay. Just like with conventional or regular carpets, using gripper rods on the perimeters of these carpets is also recommended. Installing your carpets using this method will ensure the stability of your carpets.


The lifespan of sisal carpets is roughly estimated at about 8 years, while it is believed that jute carpets show a serviceability approach of up to 5 years only. But you must keep one thing in mind. Our article to compare Sisal and Jute Carpets clearly describes that the lifespan of your carpet depends upon the usage type, place, and most importantly, its maintenance.

Editor’s Choice

Because of the many pros and plus points, sisal is a more popular option as compared to jute carpets. But it should be clear in the minds of the buyers that they must choose that carpet flooring option that fulfils all of their demands and is just according to their taste as well.

We, being critics, recommend you purchase a carpet that can withstand the hardships of your specific area and show off a great aesthetical approach as well. Both the carpets have got their own pros and cons, so it would be a wise decision to choose one just according to your needs and taste.


Although the Sisal vs Jute Carpets battle is a never-ending war, you must have got a lot of beneficial information after going through this entire piece of writing. On the basis of some major factors described above, you can easily choose one carpet according to your needs and requirements.

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