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How To Easily Remove Carpet Without Professional Help?

How To Easily Remove Carpet Without Professional Help?

Carpets make your place look graceful by their adorable appearance and create a delightful environment. Modern Carpets in Dubai  give your place a presentable look with regular maintenance.

But after a certain period, they get dull and fade and need to be removed or replaced. So, Here we will discuss how you can easily remove carpet without professional help. 

Carpets need to be removed due to certain pest problems or allergy problems. They might get worn out or dull, or you may want a new theme of your home. You don’t have to always ask for professional help, you can remove it on your own as well.

Ways to Remove Carpet Without Any Paid Help

You can readily remove carpet without any professional help with the following procedure:

  • Gather all the supplies:

It is convenient to get yourself prepared before removing the carpet so that you can smoothly do your work without any hurdles.

The most important and basic thing is to gather all your supplies and tools that you will need to remove  carpet, such as:

  • Hammer
  • A pry bar
  • Vacuum and a utility knife
  • Duct tape
  • Pair Pliers
  • Paint scraper/floor scraper
  • For your safety, you should also possess:
  • Dust masks
  • Heavy Gloves
  • Safety glasses

How To Easily Remove Carpet Without Professional Help?

  • Detachment of carpet:

Carpets are held strongly in place with some studs, tack strips, or nails, so it takes work to detach them. To remove them:

  • Hold a corner of the carpet, grab it strongly with a pair of pliers, and pull with greater force. The carpet will come up easily; now grab that little detached corner and continue pulling it.
  • If you are facing some difficulty in detachment or the carpet doesn’t come up easily, then cut almost a 6-inch square from the corner with a utility knife.
  • Remove that piece and pull the carpet by hand easily.


  • Cut the carpet into small patches:

Carpets often come in large sheets, so it would be better to cut the carpet into small strips and patches as it makes removal of carpet easier;


  • Pull back almost 3 feet of the carpet and cut it on the fold with a utility knife.
  • Cut the carpet from the back side instead of the front, as it provides an easier surface for removal.
  • Make rolls of that cut patches and secure them with duct tape.
  • If some metal transition separates the carpet from another part of the carpeting and flooring, then leave the transition after cutting the carpet.
  • If there is a wardrobe in the room, then cut the carpet at the wardrobe’s door and pull up the piece in the wardrobe separately.


  • Remove nails or tack strips if necessary:

After all the carpet has been removed, you will see long tack strips or staples around the room in padding.

If they are in good condition, then you can keep them for a new installation, but if you notice rusting and some other damage, you can remove them with the help of a hammer, paint scraper, crowbar, and pry bar.

You have to tap the paint scraper under the nail with a hammer to make a gap for the pry bar and then slide the pry bar under the tack strip and nail and pop it up.

Repeat this process to remove all the nails or tack strips by yourself. Be sure to wear gloves because these nails are really sharp and can hurt your hands.

  • Take off the padding:

Underpads are used to enhance the carpet’s durability, so they are usually glued or secured with staples. You can remove them like you remove carpets. 

  • The pad will be glued down if the floor has a concrete nature. Use a sharp-bladed floor scraper because big chunks of pads remain stuck to the concrete floor. At the end, use a sharp scraper to scrape the floor completely.
  • Besides, if the floor is made up of hardwood, then the pad will be secured with staples. Use a pair of pliers to remove the staples near the wall.
  • Removal of staples is time-consuming because the pad is secured with hundreds of strong staples with the wood floor, so it is much better to lift the edges of the staples.
  • Once you lift the edges, use a floor scraper with a long handle and scrap it all over the floor to remove the rest of the staples in one go. You can also use a carpet staple remover tool for convenient removal of staples.


From this blog, you have explored the way to easily remove carpet of your place without any professional help.

This convenient and simpler procedure of carpet removal will help you save the money that you spend on professionals.

All you need to do is to prepare yourself with the necessary safety measures and important equipment, as it is a DIY task if you are motivated enough to do it without any professional aid. But if you are looking for a new Carpet or Rug for your place then you can purchase best and modern variety by click here.

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