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Modernize Your Places with Shaggy Rugs in Dubai

Luxury Shaggy Rugs in Dubai for Improved Aesthetics

You might want to instantly improve the beauty of your home. Get our shaggy rugs Dubai at a budget friendly price range.

Our rugs are designed in a way that they will provide underfoot comfort as well as elevate the beauty of your home.

Additionally, you can use our round shag rug in your bedroom to make them more appealing and welcoming.

Furthermore, they are best to use a floor covering for the living room, lounge, entrance, and children’s rooms also. We provide the top quality shaggy rugs in Dubai which means they can easily last for over thirty years.

Shaggy Area Rugs in Dubai
Shaggy Floor Rugs

We Offer a Wide Collection of Shaggy Rugs Dubai

At our store at Al Quoz, we have over three hundred different styles and designs of shaggy floor rugs. Additionally, they are designed by using different colors, textures, materials, fabrics, sizes, lengths, and patterns.

Besides all that, each article of shaggy rugs Dubai will not resemble others. We design each rug by keeping the latest market trends in mind so that they will provide a uniqueness and elegance in different places.

High-Quality Material      

Durable Material

Trendy Color Scheme       

Appealing Texture

Our Latest Collection Of Modern Shaggy Rugs

Below is our latest collection of modernized shaggy rugs in Dubai at our store.

Shaggy Rugs Collection
Shaggy Rugs Collection 2
Shaggy Rugs Collection 3

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Buy Customized Shaggy Rugs Dubai From Our Shop

As a leading Rugs and Carpet store in Dubai, we offer customization of Shaggy rugs Dubai. For the hassle-free customization process, you have to provide us with thorough details of the rugs that you need.

Our expert will give a rough sketch before starting the project and get approval from you. First, our team will visit your place to take free measurements and analyze the interior of that place.

After that, we will ensure that your requirements resemble the aesthetics of the space. We offer the customization of color, texture, materials, fabrics, and thickness of these rugs.

Customized Shaggy Rugs

Why Should You Choose Us For Shaggy Rugs In Dubai?


We are the one-stop shop for providing  rugs and carpets in different materials. Try the most suitable rug at your place.

Vast Experience

We have over twelve years of experience in manufacturing, customizing, and supplying durable shaggy rugs in Dubai and all over the UAE.

24/7 Availability

Our representatives are available 24/7 to help our customers. So that you can call us at any time of the day that suits you.

Client’s Review

Check out our reviews section for honest and satisfied feedback from our customers.

Contact Us to Get Free Samples At your Doorstep

We offer free samples of shaggy rugs Dubai at your doorsteps for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Shaggy Rugs Store in Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The cleaning of our rugs is very quick and effortless. To clean them daily, use a broom and vacuum. Use it in the direction of fibers to avoid loss. Use the solution of mild detergent and a soft cloth for a thorough cleaning after 15 days.

We use durable and A-grade materials to manufacture our shaggy rugs in Dubai. Ultimately, it will last for over thirty years. You can also use them for a long time if you use them according to our provided guidelines in their best condition.

Yes, our rugs are stain-resistant. This makes them suitable for high-traffic places like lounges, living rooms, entrances, restaurants, offices, and other commercial buildings. Besides all that, they are the most essential home decoration element.

Our designed shaggy rugs in dubai are waterproof. The upper layer of these rugs is created by using a water-resistant coating. Ultimately it will not allow water to absorb inside them. For better functionality, avoid using them in moisture-prone areas.