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Enjoy the Amazing Benefits Of Installing Our Outdoor Carpets

Choosing our outdoor carpets in Dubai for your garden or terrace has countless benefits. Below, we have compiled some of them.

Very Comfy: Our waterproof outdoor carpets will transform outdoor areas like your porch, lawn, balcony, etc, into the coziest, most welcoming, and most comfortable places.

Protect Your Floor: The handmade outdoor carpets in our store are thick enough to protect your floor from the harsh environmental conditions.

Easy To Maintain: Our durable carpets are very easy to maintain. There is no need to worry about cleaning because it’s so easy to clean them.

Eco-Friendly: We design our carpets for outdoor spaces by using eco-friendly materials.

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Check The Wide Variety Of Our Quality Outdoor Carpet and Rugs

Our carpet shop in Dubai has over a hundred articles of outdoor carpets and rugs.

Each article of these carpets is different and unique from others. We use different designs, colors, patterns, thicknesses, fabrics, and types.

Additionally, our outdoor carpets in Dubai will contrast perfectly with every type of decor, whether the latest or traditional. Furthermore, these floor coverings are suitable for both residential and commercial places.

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Our Recently Installed Outdoor Carpets in Dubai

Here are some of the random images of our carpets and rugs installed in different outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Carpets Collection
Outdoor Carpet Collection 2
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For quality assurance and our client’s satisfaction, we will provide free samples of outdoor carpets across Dubai.

Buy Custom Outdoor Carpets From Us

Looking for a perfectly customized outdoor carpet in Dubai? We are experts in customizing outdoor floor covering according to our requirements.

We don’t charge much for customizing your carpets for the outdoors. For the hassle-free customization process, you must provide us with concise and clear requirements.

We will note down your requirements and suggest the changes if required. At Rugs and Carpets, we ensure that your custom carpets will perfectly contrast with your decor.

Custom Outdoor Carpets in Dubai

Why Choose Our Outdoor Carpets In Dubai?

A-grade Materials

We design our carpets using premium quality materials to make them durable for outdoors. Ultimately, they will last for many years without fading.

Wide Variety

We have a vast variety of outdoor carpets in Dubai at our store. So you can easily find the one that will match your interior and make it more compelling and cozy.

Online Shopping

We understand that it is tough to find time in your busy schedule to purchase carpets by visiting the store. So you can easily buy them online from our Store.

Client’s Review

Check out our reviews section for honest and satisfied feedback from our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The cleaning of our outdoor rugs is effortless and quick. Use a vacuum or simple for cleaning our carpets daily. Additionally damped a soft bristle brush in the mild detergent solution and cleaned these carpets in the direction of fibers.

Yes, our outdoor carpets are mold-resistant. In rare cases, if you see a little mold growth, you can easily remove it. Make a solution of vinegar and detergent to clean that specific area. The second way is to mix salt and warm water and wash that area.

We use very premium quality materials for the manufacturing of outdoor carpets. Ultimately, they will easily last for over ten to twelve years. If you want to enjoy their functionality for a longer duration, then you must use them according to our provided guidelines.

There is nothing wrong with using our outdoor carpets as indoor carpets. We use compelling design, unique patterns, and very catchy color palettes that will look good indoors. So, you can use our outdoor carpets everywhere, indoors or outdoors.