Artificial Grass Carpet Dubai

Buy Sustainable Artificial Grass Carpet in Dubai

Enhance your space with our Durable Artificial Grass Carpet in Dubai

We are here to provide you with efficient artificial grass carpet Dubai. Our grass carpet rolls are both soft and smooth to walk upon.

With heavy foot traffic, grass tends to get crushed, but our grass rolls, once laid, are resilient to wear and tear.

Our fake turf is made to repel bugs. We treat our artificial grass carpet in Dubai with bug-repellent sprays so that no bugs or allergens come to your grassy area. Enjoy the outdoor green sitting with enhanced comfort and safety.

Enhance your space with our Durable Grass Carpet

Select From The Latest Samples

Artificial Grass Carpet 10 mm
Artificial Grass 3724
Artificial Grass Carpet 350 10mm
Artificial Grass Carpet 370
Artificial Grass Carpet 3717
Artificial Grass Carpet 3727
Artificial Grass bg
Artificial Grass Mf 22
Artificial Grass Natural bg
Artificial Grass Natural n101
Natural grass MF 01
Natural Grass N01
Artificial grass L bhg 40
Artificial Grass lv bg
Artificial Grass Matress bg 48
Artificial grass matress plus
Artificial Grass matress
Artificial grass Mattress bg
Artificial grass Crown 40
Artificial Grass Crown 45
Artificial Grass Fottball
Artificial Grass GLP R65
Artificial Grass GLP
Artificial Grass golf Green

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Install our Artificial Green Grass in Dubai

Best Places to Install our Artificial Grass Carpet Dubai

We are a company with 10+ years of experience installing artificial grass carpet in Dubai and know what the ideal spots are.

Installing artificial turf in backyards, on rooftops and balconies adds to a lush green urban setting.

We also excel in fixing synthetic grass carpet to areas around pools, within sports facilities, and in commercial spaces.

These carpets add to a safer surface for these areas. We use the following artificial grass carpet Dubai types for different spots.

Pet-Friendly Grass           

Sports Turf

Balcony Fake Grass         

Rooftop Artificial Grass

Our Company’s Recent Artificial Grass Turf Projects

We are the top-rated artificial grass supplier in Dubai with the best turf collection. Go through our latest grass carpet projects to select one.

Artificial Grass Carpet Collection
Artificial Grass Carpet Collection 2
Artificial Grass Carpet Collection 3

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Book Expert Artificial Grass Carpet Fitters In Dubai

Our artificial grass carpet in Dubai are not only made to cater to home needs, but we fit for offices and commercial places as well. Book our expert grass carpet fitters at affordable prices.

Fitting a grass carpet involves several key steps to make it appear natural and long-lasting. Our expert grass carpet fitters start with area preparation, such as precise area measurements and cutting the carpet roll. After preparing the base, they unroll the grass turf for an even look.

For wide areas, edges are secured with adhesive tapes or glue and infill applications. At Rugs and Carpets Dubai, We ensure that you enjoy the best artificial grass carpet Dubai installation with maximum functionalities.

Expert Artificial Grass Carpet Fitters

Why Choose Us for Artificial Grass Carpet Dubai?

Proper Drainage System

We ensure a proper drainage system during artificial grass carpet installation to prevent water logging or running off to prevent mold growth.

Durable Carpet Base

We create a stable grass turf base with compact aggregates like gravel or small rocks for the longevity of the grass in high-foot traffic areas.

Fire Resistance

We offer artificial grass carpets in Dubai with flame-retardant properties for increased safety. Each grass carpet is made in compliance with local safety regulations.

Client’s Review

Check out our reviews section for honest and satisfied feedback from our customers.

Artificial Grass Carpet in Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, we have several artificial grass carpet infills and cooling infills that are the most popular ones. The warm temperatures here tend to fade away the grass and make it warm. With our custom cooling infill, the surface temperatures remain low for the grass carpet for comfortable walking.

Yes, we install grass carpet rolls with proper drainage systems. This ensures that water doesn’t log or run off in case of heavy rainfall. This lets the turf keep a long-lasting life.

You can install the artificial grass carpet Dubai rolls by yourself, but we recommend a professional installation for optimal results. With proper installation, you get seamless joint edges, proper base installation, and accurate fitting for not only aesthetic looks but also a cost-effective solution.

Yes, we do not add any harmful chemicals or toxic substances to preparing the artificial grass. Due to its artificial nature, there is no need for pesticides, and it is safe for your children and pets to play on.